Friday, October 24, 2008

DH means something different for guys

So John (formerly DH) read my blog posts and wanted to know what "DH" stood for. I explained that women who go to blogs just know that "DH" stands for "darling husband." WHY women use "DH" and not something an adjective that's more modern (or in some cases more accurate) is beyond me. But I just go with it.

So last night John tells me that in baseball (damn the World Series), "DH" stands for "Designated Hitter." He told me that in the American League (?) this person bats for the pitcher and is usually at the end of his career and is good for almost nothing. For some women, the irony of that must be great. But seeing as John is a good husband and dad, and he doesn't care much about anonymity, I'll just use his real name.

Thought it was interesting enough info to post. Does ANY woman know that? I didn't!


Mariko said...

I knew DH referred to John, but I had no idea it meant 'darling husband'. And I didn't know that DH meant designated hitter. LOL Talk about a miscommunication.

Anonymous said...

Funny! I knew the baseball abbreviation but I'm so used to it's blog meaning that I never thought about it. I know some women who "secretly" say that DH stands for "d@mnable husband" or more commonly, "dear husband."

Leah said...

I knew you were referring to John when you called him "DH", but I didn't realize it meant darling husband. My first thought was designated hitter (I have an older brother, so I know all sorts of sports facts), but that didn't make sense. I thought I was all cool because I figured out you were calling him "Dark Horse" as an inside joke. Ah well. My moment of coolness... gone! It's because I don't have a blog (that's my cover story!). :-)

Jen said...


I really like "Dark Horse." So does John. :-)