Thursday, October 23, 2008

"baby punching", or The Joys of Google

(Guest entry by "DH")

Tonight, Jen had a book club meeting with some people from her Yahoo mom's group. I was on Eric duty (doody? thankfully no ... he was surprisingly easy tonight, except for some hiccups when he was trying to go to sleep ... "Dad, I'm TIRED, but I can't stop hiccuping ... WAAA!!").

Anyway, after Jen came home, she told me a little about the meeting. One of her fellow attendees apparently has her own blog named "Baby Bunching." The title comes from the fact she has two kids 14 months apart (that doesn't feel familiar at all ... no sir). Anyhow, I figured I would give it a look see (or at least bring it up since Jen would probably scour over it later). So, what do I do but ask the Greater Oracle (aka Google)?

This is what you get:

That DEFINITELY wasn't what I meant!


Anonymous said...

heh heh

Baby Bunching said...

Yes, Yes! Oh the irony of it all, huh? When we came up with the term Baby Bunching and plugged it into Google, we cracked up at that as well. I hope you found our site.